This is the Samsung Galaxy fold the shipping production version of the first folding phone on the market so yes we know it’s delicate we know it’s expensive and this is going to be a different kind of review, there’s a lot of reviewers actually worried about you and the money you’re spending kind of like oh don’t buy it and then there’s the big fan boy or fan girl kind of oh my god it’s the best thing ever it’s some of each actually we’re gonna look at it now so before we get into the worries about durability the obviously sky-high price all that sort of thing let’s just stop and think for a moment this is a revolutionary phone I know there are some nay sayers who might say oh folding phones now but yes they will be a thing they won’t be all phones in three years from now but probably high-end phones will be folding phones it’s pretty darn amazing to have something that is really really pocketable more than today’s phablets are that opens up into be something with the screen about the size just a little bit smaller than an iPad Mini 5, yo I mean this is about as exciting as it gets since the first iPhone shipped how long ago now every other phone is an iterative candy bar so here we have something that is brings a smile on my face and I’ve been reviewing these products for a long time so Samsung deserves credit for that. The folding display is actually on the outside which has to be a durability nightmare I’m already a little scared of this one yeah but that does give you a larger outer display and a bigger inner tablet too so we’re gonna see more of this kind of stuff and I’m really excited for this because it gives us a way to interact with our phones in a tablet mode without having all that bulk in your pocket and someday the prices are going to come down now there are of course drawbacks so we know about this and Samsung has addressed some of them they’ve sealed up the hinge end caps to make it harder debris and dust to get inside but it’s not completely sealed this is not a waterproof phone this is not even a dust proof phone they put metal plates behind the display so for those who don’t like the feel of plastic displays or softer it doesn’t have as much squish and obviously the top protective layer which is like a self-healing polymer sort of you can’t accidentally peel it off anymore. when I first heard about the fold I was like you know no it really depends in part on the software but Android and Samsung have done a very good job and now Android 10 in fact using some of the api’s and Samsung developed to really work with any screen size and aspect ratio and much as you look at it and you think this is a square phone when you open it up it’s not it’s a little bit wider than four by three aspect ratio so that means when you’re playing some of the YouTube videos 4k or full HD they fill up most of the screen you’re gonna have little black bars at the top and bottom but then with today’s super widescreen phones you have black bars on the sides too but it really it fills up most of the screen and that’s one of the selling points for a foldable display that turns into a tablet you want to have big screen video when you’re using websites you get bigger pictures you get video that’s more immersive from the get-go for those websites of embedded video when you’re looking at Instagram and Instagram stories it just makes your face light up a little bit.